“Just”- The Heaviest Word in the English Language


I’ve become very afraid of this word.  The word “just” implies that whatever action that occurs next will be easy.  But hidden within that word is the unspoken imperative to not take the time to think it through.  Take the action now, and worry about the consequences later. “We’ll just go off the pill and get pregnant.”  “Just call her.”  “You need to just jump right in and get going.”  We love the idea of adventure, but not considering the consequences can lead to greater struggles.

    just go

We were moving to a new area, and I honestly believed I would find a teaching job during a major recession. Naturally, it didn’t happen as I had planned.  So I decided, “I’ll JUST do daycare from my home!”  Foolish and incredibly naive me…  That JUST became a long list of regulations and considerable out-pouring of cash just to get ready.  To complicate matters, my sons did NOT approve of having other kids get all my time and THEIR space.  JUST required me to work over 80 hours a week prepping, teaching, cleaning, and monitoring.


So here we are, moving again, and I’m trying to avoid my husband as he uses the “J” word about me working up there.  It’s scary considering all that this implies.  When you go out looking for a job, you place yourself in one of the most vulnerable positions as an adult.  You KNOW you’re going to be rejected at least once.  More than likely, it will be far greater than once.

let God

So, when I talk about going on this quest, I have to say “Just Do It.”  And not think it through. And not consider the negative implications that this word has carried with it in the past.  And now, we’re back to faith.  Faith that not only will you have some tribulations, but the benefits gained from those trials will be greater than you could ever imagine. By doing the home daycare, I met some really incredible people, and taught some amazing kids.  My sons and my husband came to fully comprehend the amount of work it takes to teach.  And the jobs I have been rejected from have led to even greater things that were in store for me.

The word “Just” has considerable weight, and will probably require a considerable amount of faith.  So go ahead. “Just go…”

just God

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I'm the person who will try the weird Pinterest crafty tricks. But for now, I'm working on getting through being 52, and how I can use my "craftiness" to make life more meaningful. Join my Quest through midlife!

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