Squawk, squawk, squawk…


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I usually like to hear the chickens in the morning. But sometimes, they’re just making noise for the sake of being obnoxious, I think.  And LORD, they can be obnoxious.  It took some honest introspection, but I’ve noticed that I can be just as obnoxious.  (NO! NOT YOU!) Yeah, I know, right?!  When I get into my funk, I just can’t help but complain.  I’m not good enough, not young enough, not pretty enough… and because of all that, not HAPPY enough.  So, I recently listened to Suzy Rosenstein’s podcast “Feeling Like You’re in a Midlife Funk- and Why It’s the Best News Ever!”  She really put into perspective about how what we thinks can become not only how we feel, but what we say and what we’re willing to do about it.  You become what you think.

The more I think about where I am, and the more I let my anxiety about my future (and how short it may be), the more I’ve created this funk.  I’m a hamster on a wheel in a stinky cage that needs to be CHANGED!  So, to get over it, here are the things I need to DO (in no particular order, so relax Type A people!)

  1. Get into a group of people to talk it out.  Yes. Counseling. But I’m approaching this with MAJOR caution because I know how I get- crazy people can steer me like a biker on a Harley!

2. Get moving.  I need to exercise. And flapping my lips is NOT what I’m talking about.           Water aerobics, walking, and eventually running.

3. Bible study.  In order to have a direction, I have to have the right frame of mind,                 and the right reason for doing what I’m doing.

4. Stop the negative thoughts coming in, staying in, and going out.  No more tv and                 politics. FaceBook is limited to smiling happy people.  I’m not avoiding reality, I’m               avoiding all the negative forces at work around me.  I’ll check up on news every                 once in a while, but for the most part, I’m out.  Now, as for the negative things                     swimming around my head that I’ve created all by myself, those need to be put in               check.


I have lots of excuses why I can’t do ALL of them right now, but I’m checking off numbers 2, 3, and 4 right off the bat.  Ok, 3 and 4… So in all honesty, so far it’s just 3 because I started that on Monday. I really have a ways to go, don’t I….


Author: theunusualcrafter

I'm the person who will try the weird Pinterest crafty tricks. But for now, I'm working on getting through being 52, and how I can use my "craftiness" to make life more meaningful. Join my Quest through midlife!

One thought on “Squawk, squawk, squawk…”

  1. You want to really change, go on YouTube and search for Abraham Hicks and listen to a few videos. That will help guide you to where you want to go. Have fun!! ☺


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