When Jesus and Monty Python’s Holy Grail Collide…

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What do you seek?


So I started this Bible study with Beth Moore, called The Quest.  Really interesting about how we SHOULD be asking questions about our faith, and especially our relationship with God.  Got to this question, and I’m was really surprised at how much I don’t have a clue about what I want.  I mean OTHER than health and happiness of my family, what do I REALLY want?  If you think materialistically, look around Amazon at all the things that you probably… kind of… maybe… would like to have.

Anyone who has ever been forced to evacuate from their home knows about the importance of “stuff.”  You have to categorize your belongings into what you are ABLE to save and what must be sacrificed due to space or your ability to move.  You quickly realize, everything you buy is insignificant when it’s compared with those people and critters you love.  Think about it: your Bible can be replaced, but your relationships cannot. Is your grandmother’s vase more important than the first picture your child drew? Or are both of these more important as conversations we have with our children where we “remember that time when….”

So that brings me to Monty Python’s Holy Grail


“WHAT is your quest?”

The problem with being 52, you see yourself with this whole unknown in front of you, and you’re afraid if you give the wrong answer, you’ll get flung off into the deep.  We KNOW that our time is limited, so we want to make the most of it. The answers are almost as important as the questions at this age.

I was in panic mode for a while, until my Bible study gave me some unplanned insight.  In John 1:35-51, we learn about how all the disciples were “chosen.” Only, Jesus didn’t go out and find all of them.  The first two guys were following John the Baptist, and he kind of “referred” them to the new job.  Then one of them grabbed his brother. Then Jesus went in to Galillee and found Phillip, who in turn grabbed his brother, Nathaniel by the arm and said, “Come see!”

So, from these two colliding forces, I have learned that my quest isn’t supposed to be me just jumping into an abyss.  My quest has to have a purpose- a goal.  And I can’t go alone. So, now I just have to pray from God to send me someone who is as smart as the first knight, and not get me flung into the pit like the second guy!



Author: theunusualcrafter

I'm the person who will try the weird Pinterest crafty tricks. But for now, I'm working on getting through being 52, and how I can use my "craftiness" to make life more meaningful. Join my Quest through midlife!

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