How Can I Have a “New Me” If I Don’t Know Who The “Old Me” Is?



Who are you?

So everywhere we see all these advertisements for “New You” and “Re-invent Yourself.”  But since my last son left the house, I’m not quite sure who “I” really am.  I’m someone’s wife (still love you, Babe!), and someone’s Mom (even though they’re both responsible adults and REALLY don’t need me all that much.)  So that just leaves…. me.  Even the things I used to love don’t really ring true until I figure out where I belong in the scheme of things.  But, then little things spring up, and I find myself showing glimmers of maturity that are nothing short of surprising.

Take yesterday.  Saw a post on FaceBook that in the past I would have jumped on and joined the fray.  Instead, I gave a positive answer, valuable feedback, and contact information for the person to get the help they were asking for.  Maturity, right?

What about courage? Where did all that go?  Used to be I’d jump right in and think about it after.  With maturity has come wisdom.  And with wisdom, comes trepidation.  The problem is finding that balance between caution and adventure, between seeking new thrills and not ending up in the hospital.  When you reach 50, you find that sometimes taking a step outside your comfort zone is often more risk-taking and frightening than you were expecting.  But that’s where the mature me, has to call on the adventurous me.  It’s going to take some chutzpa to get through all these new changes.  And to make the changes means I have to have the right attitude about them.  Don’t let my own fear become a reason to not see with clarity.

So, can I say I’m not quite the little old lady waving her cane in the air and yelling at kids to get out of her yard?  Can I admit that I can be wise, and not be OLD?  Answer: yes.

So the answer to the BIG question “Who are you?” I. Am. Mature.

Author: theunusualcrafter

I'm the person who will try the weird Pinterest crafty tricks. But for now, I'm working on getting through being 52, and how I can use my "craftiness" to make life more meaningful. Join my Quest through midlife!

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